On all fours

He reached the verandah

Heavy sunlight

He closed his eyes

Sudden peal of laughter

The sound of waves crashing against the rocks

Collecting seashells

Clicking of a camera

Autumn’s evening breeze

Holding her hands

A promise of romance

Young love, sweet

Lots of beer, and a pretty girl

Soft music

Walking barefoot

Delight in your youth

Work done, files closed

Paper clips and a signature

You still listen to their complaints

You learn to become a hypocrite

Shouts and fights

A heated argument

Lies, secrets and negation

A broken bangle, a broken watch

A heartbeat, your kid

A prayer and a goodnight kiss

And then they grow up

They run away, far away

Did they look back?

As he opened his eyes

and looked towards the twinkling stars

In the silence of them, he realized –

The tree is dead

The leaves are gone

He’s sitting, all alone


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