A sunny afternoon but..

If the sun was about to explode
What would you do? Your last wish?
Because in those last eight minutes,
the world would still be bright.
There would still be life.

While the clock ticked, as time flew away

The alchemist kept using his stone, he was trying his best

The other golden stone melted to silver, far off.

Waiting for the last magic trick, the miracle

She consoled herself,

whatever may happen, we’ll be alright.

What is it that he stole?

Is it her acceptance? Or her peace of mind?

She sits and she prays

She walks and she falls

One step, she laughed

One step, she cried

As he drifted off to sleep

She could see it.

The dog had found the rainbow.

She stopped smiling

There goes away his breath, there goes away his soul.

She could feel the change.

It was a void, a vacuum

When you start doubting the truth

When you find out,

that no one’s perfect..

Not even God!


Today he wants to live again

He wants to die, today

For us, he will live again.

Maybe I wrote this in my sleep

or it’s all just a dream

But when he looks around, he doesn’t find himself alone.

He smiles.

He remembers the swings, the bicycle ride

The evenings spent catching fireflies with his sister or brother

He remembers his dad’s shoulders

The scoldings and the accolades

How scrapes and bruises were kissed and made better.

How no shopping trip was complete, unless a new toy was brought home

How decisions were made by going “eeny-meeny-miney-mo.”

How much he wants to return home.

A hug, a kiss. Tears.


She loved you then

She loves you still

Her love is like the wind

Live, awake and complete.

When light is showering down.

The flowers are blooming again

with the fragrance in the wind.

The roads become bright as

someone’s footsteps are getting closer

She knew, the story doesn’t end here,

she whispered to herself.

She sings, as she drifts off to sleep..

We will meet again. We’ll meet again.

Until then, my love.



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