— Trip Details —

Dates: 9th September 2016 – 12th September 2016

Day 1: I had planned a short weekend, budget trip to Kolkata and it turned out to be the worst travel experience thanks to OYO Rooms. Booked an OYO room at Salt Lake, sector 10 (NEAR TANK NO. 10). Having arrived at 1 and half hours past the check-in time, the caretaker wasn’t informed of my arrival, neither was the owner of the property. It took the caretaker another 30 mins to straighten up the room. The mattress was dirty and doubled down, the sheets were stained, the towels were stained, the bathroom had black and yellow spots and was smelling unpleasant. IT DIDN’T MATCH AND WAS NOWHERE CLOSE TO THE PICTURES IN THE APP. I was highly displeased and when was asked to sign the documents, refused saying I will be calling up the OYO customer service and wait for their response on the matter. I was waiting for my friend to have a look.

As my friend arrived, she was shocked to see a half naked man strolling outside near the dining area and the condition of the room. We immediately called OYO customer care. The executive name was PRIYANKA. She asked us to mail the pictures on “bookings@oyorooms.com“. In the meanwhile, I assume Priyanka called the owner for the same issue. The latter called us up and asked us to leave the house. It took OYO people 4 hours to relocate us after we convinced them that we are not willing to pay a penny extra as it was their responsibility to provide us with another accommodation. We are the victims after all. C’mon guys, not the least you could have done?

After having lost all hopes, at around 6:00 PM we get a call again from ANIMESH that they have decided to relocate us and we don’t have to pay any extra cost. All well and done. Right? NO. The address provided of the property on the OYO map was faulty and it took us nearly 2 hours to reach our OYO room which was SALT LAKE NICCO PARK – INDO TAI GUEST HOUSE. Exhausted, we reached our room and went to grab some dinner for ourselves. END OF DAY 1 (waste).

Day 2 & Day 3: We woke up in the morning and carried on with our day. We went to meet a few friends and then for dinner later and returned to the room on Day 3 at 3:30 AM. Everything was scattered and on the floor. We reached for our bag where we kept all our money and everything was missing (the one which we were to use for the next two days and also for other chores when we returned back). We immediately rushed down to inform the caretaker. Another agitated, elderly man joined us who had faced a similar incident. We called the owner and the Police. While we are waiting, the other victim tells us that his two daughters were sleeping in the room and someone crept up from the window (which was shut) managed to slide the window and with a 6-foot long stick with a hook-in-the-end pulled the phone which was lying next to the daughter. As he attempted to rob something else, the daughter woke up from the sound, grabbed the stick and called for her father. The thief had fled by then but she had managed to pull the stick.

4:20 AM police arrives, inspects the situation and waits for the owner.

4:45 AM the owner (Mr. Mukherjee) arrives with his two sons, a lawyer, two caretakers and a friend. He asks us to write our experience, while he is sons inspects the CCTV which had some glitch as the timing wasn’t correct. We stopped our OLA trip at 3:17 AM, but the CCTV footage showed us entering at 2:33 AM. I recorded the same for evidence. But all this was conveniently ignored; the owner and his friend talked to the police in Bengali and we had no idea what happened there.
The police informed us that if we file a complaint, it takes 6 months to 1 year.
Whilst the interrogation and inspection, we call OYO to help, they say they “understand the situation” but nothing can be done before morning and promised that at 11:00AM first thing in the morning the Ground Staff will come. We ask them to relocate us in the meanwhile as we had been harassed enough (we were definitely wrong here) and we wanted to move out of the property ASAP. The executive promised us an accommodation by 9:00 AM along with the transportation cost.

6:30AM The owner decides that since nothing is on the CCTV (as the thief crept up from the window) they are safe and whatever we were saying were false allegations. The police convinced the owner to give us some money in return and the owner decided that nothing more than Rs. 1000 should be given, which we later found out was what the OYO executives had asked him to pay as a “complimentary charge“. We refused the apathetic money then and there and left for our room to pack our things.

7:00 AM With no money, we were forced to stay in the same room and wait till OYO decides to send someone and help us book a room for the next day.

12:00 PM We call OYO and it was RUPALI we had a talk with, we explained the entire situation, she forwarded the call to KUNDAN, who refused to help us in any further way. We asked for someone else and they said they will call us back asap.
(We recorded their conversation and they clearly contradicted themselves).

With no money, no place to go we were stranded in that room wishing that OYO helped as as promised, at least with an accommodation for the night and transportation.

1:00 PM The call was transferred to SUNIL YADAV who listened to our situation, was polite and sympathetic about it, and asked for 15 minutes. The next time he called, he asked me to send my flight ticket details for reassurance that I was indeed leaving the next day and hence needed a day’s stay in Kolkata. I complied, trusting his words that he was in the meanwhile looking for rooms around the airport. He called me 10 minutes later saying, “Since law and order is involved in the matter, nothing can be done”. We tell them that there is no police on the site and the complaint hasn’t been registered and they promised that would provide us with a room, transportation, ground staff to help us in the situation. He flatly refuted our claims saying they have been through our records and that there were no such benefits promised.

He asked us to borrow money from our friends and relatives.

The police confiscated the stick and the witness report was taken by them as well. The owner was rude and disrespectful once he realized that there is nothing that we can do as there is no CCTV footage of the crime; his friend and everyone he had brought along; his sons and the lawyer. OYO refused to help us in such a situation or take any actions. Mostly, our 3 days weekend away turned out to be a nightmare.

— Executives of OYO we talked to — 

: Priyanka

: Animesh

: Rupali

: The guy who promised us an accommodation and transportation fare.

: Sunil Yadav

Invoice from OLA for our trip from Park Street to our property, Indo Tai guest House
Back side of the guest house
Flight tickets confirmation to Sunil Yadav
OYO room (near Tank No. 10)
Report submitted to the Police
Entrance – Indo Tai Guest house

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